What Does Error Code E228 Mean?

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At Binsky Home, we know that Bridgewater homeowners with smart thermostats often get error codes showing that there’s an issue. Unfortunately, most homeowners usually don’t know what these errors mean. So it was no surprise when Ken R., a Bridgewater homeowner, contacted us about an error code on his Lennox iComfort S30 thermostat when he ran the heat on his Lennox SLP98 gas furnace. After we tried to help Ken troubleshoot his issue over the phone, we determined that he needed hands-on help from a professional. So we dispatched Kenny, one of our technicians, to Ken’s home. When Kenny arrived, the homeowner showed him the thermostat’s error code: E228.Kenny noted the error code and got started by performing a full system diagnostic. Now, in this case, error code 228 means that the furnace control was not able to calibrate the pressure switch. This prevents the furnace from running. Let us explain what that means by explaining the purpose of the pressure switch.

Pressure switch: A quick explanation

To understand the pressure switch’s job, it helps to know how your furnace turns on:Pressure Switch

  1. Your home’s temperature drops below the thermostat’s temperature setting.
  2. The thermostat senses this and calls for heat from the furnace.
  3. The furnace control board turns on the inducer blower. This blower clears out old combustion gases from the heat exchanger and pulls in combustion gases and air into the burners so they can ignite.
  4. When there is a correct draft pressure, the pressure switch (normally open) closes (making a click noise).
  5. The furnace ignition process starts and you get heat.

Now, in Ken’s case, the inducer fan was running and the pressure switch would click a few times before shutting down, signaling that there’s a problem.

Solution: Install an attenuator. Reset the system.

After finishing the diagnostic, Kenny gave Ken several recommended options to fix the problem.

Kenny ended up installing an attenuator which creates back pressure to trigger the pressure switch, which in turn starts the furnace’s heating process

Then, Kenny reset/checked the system to make sure the error code was no longer showing. Finally, he ran the heat and went over the details of the repair with Ken before Solution to Error Code E228leaving.

Note: Keep in mind that the cost and time to fix a furnace all depends on what’s wrong with it.
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. If your furnace is having issues, the first step is always to have a professional diagnose what’s wrong.

It’s just like how a doctor asks questions and diagnoses what’s wrong with you before recommending a course of treatment to remedy the problem.

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