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The 21-Point Air Conditioner System Check

AC Maintenance in Central New Jersey

When you have a skilled HVAC technician perform routine air conditioner maintenance in Central New Jersey, you should be able to rest easy knowing that the unit won't break down during the long summer. At Binsky Home, we utilize the 21-point system check method for all maintenance work on heaters and air conditioners. This procedure ensures that every aspect of your system is thoroughly examined for any issues it may encounter throughout the year. This system check method also validates your warranty.

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Our 21-Point System Check:

  • Operating temperatures and pressures check
  • Voltage and amperage of outdoor compressor check
  • Check supply and return vents for restrictions
  • Motor inspection and lubrication
  • Air filter cleaning or replacement
  • Condensate line inspection
  • Condensate pump inspection
  • Electrical connections and relay contacts check
  • Checking for refrigerant leaks
  • Thermostat calibration adjustment
  • Humidistat operation test, if applicable
  • Checking ductwork for cleanliness
  • Testing safety and control circuits for proper operations
  • Float switch testing
  • Electronic air cleaner inspection
  • Checking temperature differential
  • Measuring of blower motor amperage and voltage
  • Service valve inspection
  • Condenser oil cleaning, if necessary
  • Cleaning and adjustment of blower components
  • Consultation with customer on equipment's condition

Get an Annual System Check with Our Partnership Program

The Binsky Home Partnership Program ensures that you will receive your annual 21-point air conditioner system check every fall. When you are a member, our staff will call you to schedule an appointment, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you'll be reminded when it's time for a maintenance checkup.

Regular maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive air conditioner repairs later on. Call (732) 810-0144 to schedule your service today.