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Central New Jersey Mini-Split Installation

What Is A Mini-Split AC?

Mini Split InstallationTraditional air conditioners require air ducts to distribute cold air throughout your home. A home that has had recent additions may not have ductwork extending to the new rooms. Likewise, many older homes were not built with air ducts. Fortunately, there are several air conditioning options that do not require ductwork. A popular option, and one that we recommend is a mini-split.

Mini-splits are air conditioning units that can be installed in a single room, or outfitted to cool your entire home. Binsky Home's capable technicians provide mini-split installations in Central New Jersey and are knowledgeable on the advantages and disadvantages of various models.

If you are thinking about installing a mini-split in your home, call (732) 810-0144. Our cooling specialists will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Should You Install A Mini-Split?

We want all of our customers to feel confident that they are making the right choice when installing a new air conditioner. All of our technicians become familiar with every aspect of mini-splits and air conditioners so that they can answer any of your questions and help you decide if a mini-split is a good choice for your home.

Some questions you should ask yourself if you are considering a mini-split:

  • Do I want it to cool only or should I get a model that functions as a heat pump?
  • How many rooms will need cooling or heating?
  • How big are the rooms that need air conditioning, and how powerful a unit do I need?
  • Would an energy efficient mini-split be a good choice for the entire home?
  • What is the cost of installing and maintaining air ducts compared to mini-splits?

Trust Us For Mini Split Installation

With our Central New Jersey mini splits team, we have high standards for integrity. We always provide honest, upfront costs for any installations or maintenance work. When you ask our cooling specialists about mini-split installations in Central New Jersey, you can trust that you will receive an answer that keeps your best interests in mind. Our team of experts make sure to use high quality materials and equipment to install or repair your mini split ac systems. The installation process is critical because it can help to ensure optimal functioning, and can add longevity to your mini split ac systems.

Mini Split Maintenance & Repair

Preventative maintenance and proper repair for your mini split systems is critical because it can help you steer clear from costly repairs. Preventative mini split maintenance can help you avoid unnecessary damages, and our team of experts will be able to pinpoint and repair any potential potential problems right then and there. Most technicians will recommend that you get your mini split ac system checked at least two times a year for best results, and to ensure system efficiency and healthy indoor air quality. Some things that our technicians take care of during the maintenance and repair process include cleaning or replacing ac filters, evaporator coils, and other important parts of your mini split system.

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