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Heating System Check in Central New Jersey

Keep Your Heating System at Peak Performance

To prevent your heating system from breaking down in the middle of a New Jersey snowstorm, Binsky Home recommends regular maintenance services for your heating equipment. We are trained and experienced in heating systems and can ensure your system is at peak performance all year round. As our valued customer, we put your comfort and safety first. You can trust our Central New Jersey heating specialists to examine your unit thoroughly and provide detailed service.

Schedule a heating system check in Central New Jersey today at (732) 810-0144 & get a reliable heating system all year round!

Our Process Includes a 21-Point System Check

With more than 80 years of experience, we have crafted the most efficient process of heating system maintenance with our 21-point system check.

This process includes:

  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Inspecting the pilot and flame sensor
  • Burner inspection and cleaning
  • Motor inspection and added lubrication, if necessary
  • 1” standard filter cleaning and replacement, if necessary
  • Checking the flue and venting for any carbon monoxide leaks
  • Testing for natural gas leaks near the furnace
  • Checking and cleaning the blower compartment
  • Checking the furnace for proper cycling
  • Measuring the temperature variation on supply/return
  • Checking and adjusting the thermostat if necessary
  • Checking electrical connections and relay contacts
  • Inspecting the condensate line
  • Inspecting the condensate pump, if applicable
  • Checking and cleaning the ductwork, if necessary
  • Checking for any tension in the fan belt, if applicable
  • Inspecting the thermocouple, if applicable
  • Testing ignition system for proper operation
  • Measuring the blower motor amperage and voltage
  • Testing safety and control circuits for proper operation
  • Offering customers a consultation on their equipment's condition

We can answer any of your concerns regarding the process including the exact cost of our 21-point system check service. When you schedule a heating system check, you can expect our Central New Jersey heating specialists to be at your doorstep at the exact time that we have scheduled.

Call Binsky Home at (732) 810-0144 to schedule heating service today!