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Signs that Your Furnace Is About to Breakdown

Your furnace gives off some warning signs when it is about to break down. Paying attention to these indicators can help you prevent a more serious heating problem. It may even save you time and energy when you catch the warning signs before the cold weather comes.

Below are some signs that your furnace is in need of repair or replacement:

  • Yellow flickering burner flame instead of a consistent blue
  • Rattling, popping or other strange noises
  • Inconsistent temperatures in different rooms
  • Dry or dusty air
  • Needing of frequent repairs
  • Sudden surge in heating bills

Binsky Home can provide the furnace service you need to keep your family warm and comfortable. With more than 80 years of experience, our Central New Jersey heating specialists are knowledgeable on any and all furnace types, brands, and models.

At the first sign of a furnace problem, make sure to call our technicians at (732) 810-0144!

We Can Help You Find a New Furnace for Your Home

Our skilled technicians can work tirelessly to repair your faulty furnace, but when your unit is already beyond repair, we inform you right away of your options in getting a replacement.

We can discuss with you certain factors in selecting the right furnace, such as:

  • Fuel source, or whether run by gas, electric, or oil
  • Energy-efficiency and reliability
  • Variable speed setting
  • Correct size for your home
  • Warranties
  • Tax rebates and incentives

We also take into consideration your needs and preferences in choosing the right furnace for your home. You can trust our Central New Jersey heating specialists to install your new furnace properly and in accordance with local industry standards to ensure the comfort and safety of your family.

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