My AC Is On But Not Cooling the Home!

A common call we get from Bridgewater homeowners is “Why is my AC working but not cooling?” So it was no surprise when Carolyn S. a homeowner in Bridgewater called us with this problem. We dispatched our technician, Dennis, right away to fix the air conditioner. When Dennis arrived, he asked Carolyn some questions about her system, such as the system’s age and maintenance history. Then he thoroughly examined the AC to find the root problem. This process is called doing a diagnostic. During the diagnostic, Dennis discovered that the AC system was low on refrigerant. Let us explain why low refrigerant stops the AC from cooling the home properly.

Why low refrigerant = Air conditioner blowing hot air

Have you ever thought about how your AC cools your home’s air?

Basically, an air conditioner works like a heat sponge; the inside unit absorbs heat from your air (making it cool) and then “squeezes” that heat outside via the outside unit (the one with the fan). The AC is able to absorb that heat using a chemical called refrigerant, a heat transfer fluid.

But when you’re low on refrigerant, your AC will struggle to absorb enough heat from your home’s air, meaning it can’t properly cool your home which causes your AC to blow lukewarm or hot air.

So, once Dennis discovered that Carolyn was low on refrigerant, here’s what he did.

The solution: Charge the system with refrigerant

Dennis brought this issue to Carolyn’s attention and went over several recommended options with her.

She decided to have the system charged with more refrigerant. Dennis charged the system with 2lbs. of R-410A refrigerant, which does not contribute to ozone depletion like older refrigerants do.

After Dennis charged the system, Carolyn noticed an immediate difference in the air coming out of her vents and was happy to get her air conditioner back to normal

Note: Keep in mind that the cost and time to fix a central air conditioner all depends on what’s wrong with it.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. If your AC is having issues, the first step is always to have a professional diagnose what’s wrong.

It’s similar how a doctor asks questions and diagnoses what’s wrong with you before recommending a course of treatment to remedy the problem.

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