Electrical Panel Replacements & Upgrades in Somerset, NJ

Electrical panel that needs repairsYour electrical panel is the most important feature of your home’s electrical network. Its function is to receive the incoming power from the utility provider and distribute it to the circuits that provide power to your lights, outlets, electronics, appliances, etc.

At Binsky Home Service, our trained and experienced electricians can replace your aging electrical panel with a modern, reliable solution to support the 21st-century lifestyle and modern comforts you enjoy!

Contact Binsky Home Service at 732-369-0400 to schedule electrical panel replacement or upgrades.

Expert Electrical Panel Installation & Replacement

Our expert electricians can help you select the ideal electrical panel for your home. We can ensure your system supports the EV charging station, standby generator, hot tub, security system, and other systems within your home. We offer a broad range of top-quality solutions that deliver exceptional performance and safety.

From start to finish, installing or replacing your electrical panel typically takes four to eight hours to complete. Once finished, our electricians will show you how to properly maintain and utilize your panel to keep the power flowing smoothly through your home.

When Should You Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Closely monitoring the operation of your electrical panel is essential for your safety and for protecting your appliances and electronics from damage. If you notice any of the following, we recommend replacing your panel:

  • Frequently tripped breakers: This can occur due to faults, outdated wiring, overloading, etc.
  • Older panels: Aging panels and those that utilize fuse boxes are prone to many problems that necessitate replacement.
  • Burning odors or black spots: These indicate serious problems, including overloaded circuits, improper installation, damaged wiring, and loose electrical connections.

To install a new electrical panel in Piscataway or Monmouth, contact Binsky Home Service at 732-369-0400.

Top-Rated Electrical Panel Upgrades

Our expert electricians can help you choose your home’s ideal electrical panel upgrade. We’ll ensure the amperage meets your current and anticipated future needs. Our electrical panel upgrade services will give superior support and enhance the safety and performance of your appliances, security systems, home electronics, and more.

Call our team in Somerset or Middlesex County at 732-369-0400 to discuss electrical panel upgrades with the experts.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

There are several benefits you will enjoy when you upgrade your electrical panel, including:

  • Reliability: Modern electrical panels provide superior performance.
  • Safety: There is a significantly lower risk of fire, electrocution, electric shock, etc., when you have the appropriate electrical panel for your home.
  • Savings: The right electrical panel can improve your home’s energy efficiency and help reduce utility bills.

Call Binsky Home Service at 732-369-0400 to schedule electrical panel upgrades in Central New Jersey.

Choose Us for Electrical Panel Services

At Binsky Home Service, you’ll always receive the superior service and reliable solutions you deserve. Since 1938, our electricians have proudly served clients throughout the Central New Jersey region, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our services. We offer free estimates on replacements, same-day service appointments, financing options, and more!

When you need a new electrical panel, call Binsky Home Service in Somerset to schedule a service appointment with our expert electricians.


To install a standby generator, it’s advisable to install a generator-ready electrical panel or subpanel to ensure the smooth, efficient flow of power from your generator to your lights, appliances, electronics, etc. It’s not necessary for all systems because your existing panel may be sufficient, but it’s something you will want to consider when reviewing generator systems.

Older panels manufactured before the 1990s are prone to many problems and may pose a considerable risk of electrical shock, fire, arc faults, etc. Some panels, including those manufactured by Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco, have many known problems, and we advise replacing these immediately.

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