Plumbing Leak Detection in Somerset, NJ

Burst water pipe, still drippingPlumbing leaks can lead to financial, health, and structural concerns. Constant water use due to a leaking pipe results in higher water bills. Excessive water exposure causes mold and mildew growth, worsening indoor air quality. And leaks can eventually weaken building materials.

Don’t take any chances if you think your Somerset home might have a plumbing leak. Enlist professional help from the folks at Binsky Home Service. We’ve delivered over 80 years of quality and service.

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4 Signs You Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak

Because the longer a plumbing leak is left untreated, the more damage it causes to a home, recognizing the potential leak warning signs is important. These are the indicators every homeowner should look out for:

  • Unexplained increase in water bills: As mentioned above, leaks increase water usage. You might have a hidden plumbing leak if you notice an unexpected spike in water bills.
  • Mold or mildew growth: There is often mold or mildew growth where there is excess water. If you see mold or mildew in uncommon areas of your home (like the walls or ceilings), that may indicate a pipe leak in or around that area.
  • Musty odors: In addition to mold or mildew growth, a plumbing leak can also produce a musty or earthy scent — which can be a result of mold or mildew.
  • Water meter activity: The final common sign that you’re dealing with a hidden pipe leak is continued activity on the water meter when no one is using water.

Our Expert Leak Detection & Repair Services

Plumbing leaks aren’t an issue to disregard. Fixing them effectively and promptly ensures you and your family greater enjoyment and peace of mind within your home.

That’s why Binsky Home Service proudly offers emergency services for major leaks. No matter what time of day it is, we’re ready to jump into action to detect a leak, identify its cause, and resolve it. Equipped with advanced technology and years of experience, no team is more prepared than Binsky Home.

Why Choose Us?

Your Central New Jersey home deserves the best service and care. Luckily, you can enjoy that with Binsky Home Service.

We pride ourselves on our commitment, integrity, honesty, and respect for every project we get the privilege to work on. Rest assured that a Binsky home is a happy home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common home plumbing leaks occur in faucets and toilets. This problem is often because of worn-out seals, deteriorated gaskets, or faulty components.

A slab leak is when pipes beneath the concrete foundation develop leaks. This issue is very serious because it can cause structural damage, lead to mold growth, and even compromise the stability of a home’s foundation.

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