Community Involvement

Community Involvement with The Seeing Eye®!

Binsky Home Service has partnered up with The Seeing Eye®, a New Jersey-based non-profit that creates special partnerships between The Seeing Eye® dogs and visually impaired people. These teams can conquer anything—from getting around town to attending college, and even traveling across the world!

For every new member of our Partner Plan, Binsky Home Services makes a donation to The Seeing Eye®. To date, Binsky Home has donated over five thousand dollars, helping to create more life-changing partnerships.

 The Seeing Eye

Feel The Love!

In the fall of 2020, Binsky Home Service and Lennox teamed up to give away a high-efficiency heating and cooling system to a deserving family in South Amboy. The program is called Feel the Love. All costs were covered, including installation. Binsky Home Service’s heating and air conditioning technicians and office staff proudly volunteered their time.

Binsky Home Service is incredibly honored to contribute to an event that helps families in need. Our thanks to our friends at Lennox and to the many Binsky Home Service employees who donated their time, labor, and love.


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