Professional Lighting Services in Somerset, NJ

Recessed light being installedLighting solutions that require decorative lighting strategies and advanced electrical knowledge are now available in north-central New Jersey. Binsky Home Service’s licensed electricians in Somerset can transform any space into an attractive, highly functional area for comfort and work.

You may need professional lighting services for:

  • Interior upgrades: You don’t have to live with older, unattractive light fixtures and shouldn’t risk property damage because lighting configurations have bad wiring causing problems. Technology can improve the quality of your life and increase property value.
  • Outdoor/landscape: For visitor safety, you may need motion-activated security lighting or landscape lighting. Our services include attractive lighting solutions for yards, lawns & gardens, sidewalks, and pool/patio areas that will enhance curb appeal.

Planning a home improvement project this year? We have financing options available that work with your budget.

Ask about professional lighting services in Somerset, NJ. Call 732-369-0400 to schedule service.

Expert Lighting Repair

Your home’s interior has four types of lighting: accent, ambient, decorative, and task. All are important, and you should act quickly if you have these signs you need expert lighting repair in Somerset, NJ:

  • Burning odors: If you smell that distinct electrical burning odor, shut off your power and seek emergency electrical repair.
  • Buzzing/popping/sizzling: Check the bulb filament first, but sounds from a light switch can be electrical arcing or loose wires.
  • Circuit breaker tripping: Your circuit breaker responds to danger by tripping off. If this keeps happening, your home is at risk for fire, and you shouldn’t delay repair.
  • Frequent flickering/dimming lights: This can be caused by aging electrical systems, faulty fixtures, loose wiring, or overloaded circuits.
  • Light switch malfunction: If the switch toggle is loose or the switch sticks and won’t turn off/on, common causes are mechanical or electrical problems.
  • Loose outlets: Contact points could be deteriorating, or wiring may be loose. Loose outlets are inconvenient, but they’re also dangerous.

Lighting Replacement & Installation

Replacing outdated ceiling fans or light fixtures is the most requested professional lighting service in northern New Jersey. Ceiling fan light fixtures are stylish clean-air solutions, and a replacement/installation improves ambiance and increases property value.

Repair and replacement of any wall- or ceiling-mounted light requires electrical expertise as well as knowledge of code requirements for your area. We respect your property: We’ll always leave our work area as clean as we find it.

For fast, affordable lighting replacement and installation in Piscataway, call 732-369-0400 to request an appointment.

7 Types of Interior Light Fixtures for New Jersey Homes

Most Somerset homeowners choose light fixtures that never go out of style. The good news is that interior décor mix-and-match is here to stay, so your grandmother’s Victorian chandelier works beautifully with your boho dining room.

Binsky Home lighting pros specialize in:

  1. Chandelier: Hanging fixture with several light elements
  2. Linear LED: Under-cabinet and closet lights for better visibility, accent, or task lighting
  3. Pendant: Smaller hanging fixture with a single, central light element
  4. Recessed: Built into the ceiling
  5. Sconces: Wall-mounted lights; used in hallways, entrances, etc.
  6. Skylights: Natural “outdoor” sunlight illuminated with indoor beauty
  7. Track or monorail: Electrified track with attachable light fixtures

Don’t risk injury or property damage when you can have stylish, professional home lighting solutions in Middlesex or Monmouth County. Call 732-369-0400 or contact Binsky Home Service online.

Why Choose Binsky Home?

For over 80 years, Binsky Home Service has been a five-star home services provider in New Jersey. So it’s no wonder we’re the preferred choice for whole-house solutions in Somerset, NJ. When you partner with Binsky Home Service, you also support a local business with an investment in your community.

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