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Electrical panel that needs repairsAt Binsky Home Service, we have over 85 years of experience helping Piscataway and Somerset area homeowners with their electrical needs. Our family-owned and -operated service is dedicated to integrity and the comfort of our customers.

From EV charger installation to whole-home rewiring, we provide expert solutions that combine modern technology with traditional values of quality and honesty. Our technicians are trained in the latest electrical practices, ensuring safe and efficient services for your home.

For expert electrical services in Piscataway and Somerset, count on Binsky Home. Call us at 732-369-0400 to schedule your electrical services.

Electrical Installations & Repairs

With Binsky Home Service, you can rest assured that all your electrical installation and repair needs are in capable hands. Our commitment to providing top-notch service is unwavering as we continuously work to ensure your home’s electrical systems are up to date, safe, and reliable.

Our comprehensive electrical services include:

  • Panels: We offer installation and upgrades of electrical panels, ensuring your home can safely handle today’s electrical demands.
  • Inspections: Our thorough inspections identify potential issues, ensuring your electrical systems meet all safety standards.
  • Switches and lights: We ensure optimal functionality, from modernizing your home with new switches and lights to repairing existing ones.
  • Wiring and outlets: We handle all aspects of wiring and outlet installations and repairs, prioritizing safety and efficiency in every task.
  • General electrical repairs: No issue is too small or complex for our team. We tackle all electrical problems with the same attention to detail and expertise.


Our Central New Jersey and Jersey Shore weather can be unpredictable. That’s why the reliability of a whole-home generator is clear, especially during the cold winters. Our services include repair, installation, and maintenance of generators.

We provide you with uninterrupted power and peace of mind. A whole-home generator ensures that your essential appliances remain functional during power outages, offering convenience and safety.

Stay ready for any weather with generator services from Binsky Home. Call us at 732-369-0400 to schedule your generator services in Somerset, NJ.

EV Charger Installation

Embrace the future with our EV charger installation services. Having your own EV charger offers incredible convenience and cost savings. Plus, it eliminates the need for frequent public charging stations.

We provide expert installation services, making your home’s transition to electric vehicles seamless and efficient.

Interested in learning more about our EV charger installation service? Call Binsky Home Service at 732-369-0400 to schedule an EV charger installation consultation in Central New Jersey and Jersey Shore.

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At Binsky Home Service, we prioritize your home’s electrical needs with our same- or next-day appointments, easy online scheduling, and informative service approach. Trust us for dependable, high-quality electrical solutions.

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A circuit breaker may trip due to overloading or a short circuit, both indicating a potential safety issue that needs immediate attention.

Absolutely. A whole-house surge protector guards your expensive appliances and electronics against unpredictable power surges, extending their life span and protecting your investment.

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